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CRPG | Kamaria | Keypoint 1.1 :iconwildtable:WildTable 4 2 CRPG | Mercutio| Gold Shard Tracker :iconwildtable:WildTable 2 0 CRPG | Kamaria | Hypo Kid Meme :iconwildtable:WildTable 4 10 CRPG | Mercutio | Hypo Kid Meme :iconwildtable:WildTable 2 6 C-RPG SS | Cougar :iconwildtable:WildTable 8 5 C-RPG SS | Orlando :iconwildtable:WildTable 4 2 Lessons in Beauty :iconwildtable:WildTable 3 0 ID #1367 - Zamir :iconwildtable:WildTable 3 5 Foal ID 1367 Design :iconwildtable:WildTable 5 3 Big Sky Loving :iconwildtable:WildTable 6 7 In Appreciation of Elysia :iconwildtable:WildTable 4 0 Happy New Year | Mercutio :iconwildtable:WildTable 5 2 Happy New Year | Kamaria :iconwildtable:WildTable 5 0 C-RPG SS | Archangel | 2015 :iconwildtable:WildTable 8 7 Norman Bowker :iconwildtable:WildTable 1 0 Henry Dobbins :iconwildtable:WildTable 1 0


Chakra -B.O.T. Page 147 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 438 257 Clothing Tut 3-Hanging Wrinkle :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 407 75 Braid tutorial :iconrah-bop:rah-bop 1,710 157 Kenai :iconmadishmade:Madishmade 26 2 Gypsy Cob Foal Stock 42 :iconequineheart456:EquineHeart456 19 0 Gypsy Cob Foal Stock 43 :iconequineheart456:EquineHeart456 27 1 Gypsy Cob Foal Stock 7 :iconequineheart456:EquineHeart456 4 0 Gypsy Cob Foal Stock 17 :iconequineheart456:EquineHeart456 2 0 Gypsy Cob Foal Stock 22 :iconequineheart456:EquineHeart456 12 0 Welsh Mare 6 :iconcolourize-stock:Colourize-Stock 399 51 Grey NSH Stock 2 :iconvelvet-stain:Velvet-Stain 6 0 Sha 25 :iconcolourize-stock:Colourize-Stock 420 50 How to draw a head in profile :icontheophilia:Theophilia 1,217 218 HOW TO DRAW ANIME FACES :iconb0rn-t0-die:B0RN-T0-DIE 1,883 504 Azteca 4 :iconcolourize-stock:Colourize-Stock 473 35 Dragster 138 :iconcolourize-stock:Colourize-Stock 394 27


CRPG | Kamaria | Keypoint 1.1
Keypoint 1.1   Where were you born?
I was born in Santugan, a city of thieves and criminals. I was born into a relatively safe neighborhood among other middle class citizens. We lived in a small apartment on a busy street. Every morning I woke up tot he sounds of merchants selling their wares. Raccardi shouted as they did the shopping for their rich owners. Naked low society children ran through the streets, weaving between the brightly colored carts. The tarts people hung up to cover their doorways would blow in the breeze and activity of the city.
The rumble of the city was my lullaby at night. The laughter issuing from the pubs at a drunken joke, the prostitutes who prowled all but the nicest streets, and the ever present guards attempting to keep the piece. My parents always assured met hat we were perfectly safe, but still they exchanged worried glances whenever a scuffle erupted below. I knew to be cautious in the city, but I was never afraid to leave my home. Naive as I was, I trusted that nothing bad could possibly happen with all the guards around.

Just felt like doing something productive on the last day before classes start.

Kamaria and art (c) me :iconwildtable:
Refs: - :iconcolourize-stock: - :iconfantasydesignstock:
CRPG | Mercutio| Gold Shard Tracker
Thought I'd draw his night form.
Note: His fangs do tend to peep out of his mouth a little in his night form. This is atypical for Caspanas, as I understand it, and if it is not alright I can certainly fix it. But I think it's kind of cute. Reference


Gold Shards

Total:  43 GS

here! + 1 + 10 + 10 + 6 + 16


Total:  100 Vend
------------------------------- + 5 + 20 + 50 + 25


Mercutio and Art (c) me :iconwildtable:
CRPG | Kamaria | Hypo Kid Meme
And here is Kamaria's hypo kid meme. This was so much fun, guys, I can't even tell you.
Once again, sorry for the sloppy notebook edges. Couldn't be avoided.
I am much happier with these lines. I actually used references for these, though.

1. I love Cougar, I really do. And I think he and Kai would make fantastic babies. Obviously.
2. Yeah, that's right. Kai could get a god.
3. I just really wanted a fake pegasus baby. It would never work between Orlando and Kai. She would have to get him really drunk first.
4. Dear nerdy Killian. You are my favorite Verensa character other than Mercutio. So you get a child. Enjoy!
5. And who can resist the bad boy? And Juneau's offspring is, frankly, my favorite of this batch. I really wish this one was real. The skull facial  marking, the moon spot, and the little stripes on the knees and hocks. So cute.And probably evil.
All characters belong to their respective owners.
Kamaria and Designs (c) me :iconwildtable:
Refs: :iconbundy-stock:, :iconfantasydesignstock:, :icongotonzay-stock:, :iconcolourize-stock:, :iconelaineselenestock:
- Registration: +1 (Does not stack up with other points, this means the registration image will always count for only 1 point)
ID #1367 - Zamir by WildTable
- Uncolored art: + 0.5 (Doesn't matter if it's a head-shot or full body)

- Headshots: + 1

- Full Body, No background: + 2

- Full Body, Painted Background: + 3
For photo backgrounds, + 0.

 - Training Headshots: + 0.5 (does not stack with show points)

 - Training Full Body: + 1 (does not stack with show points)

- Animations: + 2

-Complex Animations: +4


-basic plushie +2
-complex plushie +4

- Show Images: + 1 (does not stack with training points)
Winning Show Image: + 2
2nd place: + 1.5
3rd place: + 1
Anything fourth and below: + 0.5
Must actually be a named place!

Named Categories (Judge's Choice, Crowd Favorite etc) are + 1

- Stories: +1

Total Points: 1

No Star  25 – Earn back your Laurels : Choice of horns, 1-4 at most.
No Star  No Star  40 – Recognized as Dedicated, +1 points to parents and foals. Earn your first new power.
No Star  No Star  No Star No Star  80 – Choose your path and receive another strain of magic (depending on the choices below).
- Exalted: Angel/Feathered Wings OR a rolled-for power.
- Dishonored: Dragon/Bat Wings OR a rolled-for power.
No Star  No Star  No Star  No Star  100 – Earn your Guardian and your jewels.
No Star  No Star  No Star  No Star  No Star  150 – Honored or Untouchable Status, + 2 points for offspring/Parents, gain your last rolled-for power if you did NOT choose wings at 80.
Trophy 200 - +5 Breeding Slots.
Trophy Trophy 300 – Gain Exalted or Dishonored status. Earn + 10 breeding slots* and final rolled-for power if applicable, +4 points to parents/offspring.
Trophy Trophy Trophy 500 - Mystery Level, Rewards Undecided
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  • Reading: Tiger's Quest
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  • Drinking: Apple juice



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Well, there's really not much to tell. I'm just an ordinary teenage girl.

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